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All the senior living transition support services you need at your fingertips

What is the SALT Directory?

The SALT (Senior and Aged Care Living Transition) Directory allows small businesses, service providers and other organisations to showcase their offerings.

In addition to helping seniors and those transitioning loved ones find and access much needed services, our directory also allows providers to network, promote themselves and find other like minded businesses.

Our aim is to connect a cohort of wonderful service providers to those transitioning their loved ones, in one simple location to make the journey less stressful.

We’re a community, not just a directory

We know how important support is and that’s why the SALT Directory functions equally as a community as well as a directory. Our network focuses on “power in numbers” to raise the profile of essential industries and provide opportunities for small businesses who in turn support seniors transitioning.

Just add a pinch of SALT

The SALT Directory showcases a number of dedicated businesses that specialise in support services for transitioning to new living arrangements.

Instead of spending time, effort and mental energy looking for cleaners, decluttering services, real estate agents, placement consultants, financial planners, solicitors and removalists, just make one stop for all your needs.

Everybody could do with a pinch of SALT.

About the SALT team

The SALT Directory is designed to be a single, central location where businesses that support families & senior loved ones can connect with those moving into retirement villages or aged care living facilities.

Simply access our directory, look for the services you’re after and find the provider you want. Plus, you can easily identify services you didn’t even know you needed and make informed decisions.

Our community operates according to our common values: Providing a compassionate, empathetic and heartfelt approach to making the transition easier.

Meet the founders behind the SALT Directory

Karen Keynes (KK) and Karen Taylor (KT) are the founders behind the directory.

KK’s Mum has Parkinson’s and when her condition deteriorated, she was forced to find services, accommodation and support. Despite KK’s professional skillset, the process was complex and overwhelming.

“How on Earth do people without a family member with financial acumen understand what to do.”

As KT watched her close friend go through the difficulty of this transition, she realised she needed to be able to provide more than just a sympathetic ear and kind shoulder. She knew her elderly parents would soon be going through a similar experience.

Together, KK and KT pooled their years of experience, knowledge, skills and passion to create the SALT Directory: An all-in-one, accessible, supportive community of service providers to help seniors, their family members and the local businesses at the same time.

Get started by searching our directory

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