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Here you’ll find an array of resources to support the journey of seniors transitioning to retirement villages or aged care

Resources to assist with your living arrangements transition

The SALT Directory provides more than just a community of service providers with specialties in assisting you or your loved one with living arrangement transitions.

Our resources are cultivated and curated to help ensure you receive all the guidance and information you need.

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You can find out more about the types of services on offer and explore the challenges facing your customers/clients by checking out the resources below.

Our niche online directory is complemented by the many book recommendations, blog articles, magazines and podcast links we’ve put together. 

If you’re a member of the SALT community, then make sure you browse through our resources page.

Are you looking for help transitioning between living arrangements?

It doesn’t matter whether you are assisting a loved one with their transition from one living arrangement to another, transitioning yourself, or providing support work or consultancy services to senior and elderly clients, our resources provide an invaluable wealth of information.  

Our aim is to provide a truly comprehensive online library where you can find the guidance you need from reputable and reliable sources.


Podcasts are similar to radio shows but they can be listened to on the computer, smartphones and tablets.

There are a number of helpful podcasts that dive in and deal with all manner of issues facing those transitioning through different stages of life as well as their family and loved ones.


There’s no shortage of books available out there but finding the right one that’s helpful for you can be a challenge. Check out our recommended reading list or connect with one of our members and providers to find the resources that are relevant, helpful and available to you.


Blog articles can be extraordinarily informative and easy to digest resources. From how to structure your Will to what to look for in aged care facilities, there’s a wide range of topics covered and helpful information waiting for you. 

And a whole lot more!

The SALT Directory’s resources page provides our members with all the expertise and knowledge on relevant topics to assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of all things involved in transitioning your loved ones.

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We’ll happily walk and talk you through all of the resources, options and service providers who can assist you in making your transition smoother, less stressful and more enjoyable. 

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