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Terms and Conditions

This website,, is owned and operated by Kx2 Management Group Pty Ltd, ABN 28 652 949 472.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Karen Keynes or Karen Taylor ( or PO Box 185, Carina QLD 4152.

By registering as a member on this website, you are agreeing that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. 

Services Provided

Kx2 will provide membership services to the Client to join the online Senior & Aged care Living Transition (SALT) Directory as an ongoing agreement. This agreement will be reviewed every 12 months and is subject to change, commencing from the date of registration.

The Client will provide and be responsible for updating: 

  • Approximately 50 words that form part of the listing for the SALT Directory. This is the opportunity to showcase the Client’s specialised values, mission and services aligning with the SALT Directory.
  • 1 x Business logo or digital imagery in PNG file format with up to 72dpi and either 24-bit or 32-bit resolution for the online listing, preferably square.
  • Up to 4 other images to be displayed as part of the online listing.
  • 1x URL link for hyperlinking.
  • Any changes/updates via the membership portal on the website.
  • Exposure to the SALT Directory from the Client’s website(s) and social media platforms by way of hyperlinking.
  • 1x final copy of content (subject to Kx2 approval) for social media posts per month to be taken up at the Client’s discretion– the opportunity will lapse if not used in the calendar month.

 Kx2 will:

  • Provide agreed services remotely. 
  • Host the SALT Directory on the dedicated website.
  • Approve and publish the SALT Directory listing within 2 weeks of being in receipt of all required information from the Client.
  • Complete any changes/updates in a timely manner.
  • Promote and tag the Client with an initial membership joining post across the SALT Directory social media platforms.  
  • 1x monthly social media post using content and wording provided by the Client across the SALT Directory social media platforms.
  • Immediately advise of any issues preventing completion of work.
  • Use all due skill, care, and diligence to meet estimated timeframes for completion unless impacted by events that are outside of our control.   
  • Attend virtual meetings with the Client as required. 
  • Adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. 


Pricing is available on our membership registration and renewal pages and is subject to change.

Payment Terms

Payments will be processed on acceptance of approved membership applications. All late payments could result in the removal of the Client’s SALT Directory listing until paid in full, and any applicable administration and transaction fees will be on-charged to the Client. Administration fees may apply to membership payments, dependent upon which payment method is selected by the Client.


It is the responsibility of the Client to fully disclose and provide Kx2 with all accurate documents, information, and material to ascertain correct publication of their listing. 

Privacy and confidentiality 

All information exchanged between parties is to be considered ‘confidential’ unless otherwise stated. Both parties agree not to disclose any private and confidential information to any person or entity not employed or owned by either party to the agreement, other than reasonably required in the course of normal business activities or required by law. Privacy and confidentiality requirements extend in perpetuity beyond the termination or natural end of this agreement.  

Intellectual Property

Nothing in this agreement transfers the ownership of rights, or implies as such, of any intellectual property of either party. 


Both parties represent and warrant that they have and will always maintain, at their own expense, during the term all relevant insurance policies with a reputable insurer. 


The Client and all of its personnel must not in relation to any Kx2 employee, contractor or sub-contractor, without Kx2’s written authority, solicit, entice away or deal with them (whether to leave their employment or engagement, alter their relationship or accept an unsolicited approach from them) to provide work for, supply services to, or employ them while under this agreement and any applicable restraint area or period. 

Where applicable, the Client and all of its personnel must not in relation to the Kx2 SALT Directory, directly or indirectly, create or duplicate a directory in competition to that which is covered within this agreement, nor shall they solicit or entice away to participate in another directory, any members of the Kx2 SALT Directory database. 

Contract Terms

Both parties agree to enter into this contract for services listed in this agreement and any associated statement of work (SOW). Terms and conditions may be re-negotiated with agreement from both parties. If neither party terminates prior to the end of the contract period, the contract will renew for another 12-month period with the applicable terms and conditions as at the rollover date including any re-negotiated terms from the initial agreement. 


The Client may terminate the agreement by giving a full calendar months notice in writing. Kx2 may terminate the agreement in writing with 7 days notice, or immediately on grounds of non-payment, incorrect or misleading information provided, legal misconduct, deliberate misuse of company information, and any reason that Kx2 deems to be putting their reputation into question.

Special and/or additional Terms and Conditions

If any, these are agreed to by both parties and listed herein forming part of this agreement.