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My Records Ready – Supporting Financial Independence ®

My Records Ready - Supporting Financial Independence ®
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We are the family office backup and support.
We help people to future-proof their personal money management.

We support seniors to keep their personal finances under control, including into the future when someone else might need to step in. Our clients stay in control.
We work with them, their household, their appointed attorneys and their existing advisors to reduce risk and complexity, save time and improve outcomes.
Our services include a full daily money management service where we can do everything from organising your bills to maintaining your financial records and tracking net wealth and investment cost base information.

We also provide administrative support to appointed executors for a deceased estate.
We can assist with the intergenerational transition planning and provide support to appointed attorneys.

We do not provide legal financial or investment advice. We work with our clients and their existing professional relationships. We support our clients to source and maintain the information their advisors need.

07 35170776
Gold Coast
P O Box 8122
Gold Coast MC QLD
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  • Daily Money Management
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