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Mynd Money Coach

Mynd Money Coach

Seniors Home Office & Centrelink Concierge by Mynd Money Coach.

Enhancing independence while giving you peace of mind.

For elderly Australians, managing day-to-day finances can be a particularly daunting challenge. In an ever-evolving financial system and digital landscape, seniors can find themselves facing an array of financial concerns. This is further complicated for those who rely on government agencies like Centrelink.

Seniors Home Office & Centrelink Concierge is specifically designed to address seniors’ distinct needs while streamlining daily household finances and easing the burden of dealing with Centrelink.

Sarah Martin, a Certified Money Coach and Financial Wellness Advocate, is committed to enhancing the quality of life for seniors by providing practical solutions that boost independence, alleviate stress, save time and nurture financial and emotional wellness.

Reach out to Sarah today to learn more about securing your own 'Seniors Home Office & Centrelink Concierge.’

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South Australia
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