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Navigate Aged Care

Navigate Aged Care

Feeling overwhelmed trying to understand aged care services? I can help you. Whether you're getting ahead of the curve or in the depths of needing assistance, I can help you navigate our aged care system. From pro-active planning to crisis care, I'm here to take the stress out of accessing services and give you back precious time to spend with your family.

Services include:
- Comprehensive Aged Care Planning: I assess your current situation and identify supports available to you. I discuss how to access these services, any costs involved and at what point to access them. You receive an individualised road map that includes all this information.
- My Aged Care Navigation: I meet with you to understand your current needs and assist with contacting My Aged Care to set you up with suitable supports.
- Finding Home Care Providers: I assist with finding you suitable Home Care Providers in your local area. I explain the various fees, the pros/cons of different providers and coordinate meetings with any potential providers.
- Residential Aged Care Placement: I find suitable respite or permanent care options for you in your preferred area that meet your individual needs. I find available beds, liaise with facilities and coordinate tours for you. Once placed, I follow up to ensure you're happy with your chosen facility and assist with any follow up enquiries.
- Bespoke Coordination Packages: This covers all those other odds jobs that may arise, from hospital discharge planning, palliative care support or finding other accommodation such as Independent Living Units or supported living. These packages can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

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  • Navigate Aged Care
  • Navigate Aged Care

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