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SFO Clinical Services

SFO Clinical Services
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Our nurses deliver a customised health management programmes for clients who seek responsive, in-time, health support, advice, guidance and clinical care in their homes.

Sovereign Family Offices Clinical Care Services provides experienced Registered Nurses to support you in your home with a programme of support for health which is focussed on your needs and context. We believe a person’s health and wellbeing are part of the whole picture of a person’s life, lifestyle and relationships. We work in close collaboration with your medical team and your preferred allied health providers to deliver personalised and accessible information and clinical support relevant to you. Whether you prefer to have an on-call nurse for those times you’d like answers to curly health questions, a full health maintenance programme with referrals to the most effective providers for you, or regular scheduled visits from a nurse to check on your general wellbeing and to enable you to feel in control of your health, we are able to support you.

Our nurses provide these services daily:

Skin care
Wound management
Pressure management
Continence care and product selection
Catheter placement and management
Medication oversight
Health appraisal
Welfare checks, health management
and health liaison
Palliative care
Needs forecasting
Risk assessments (e.g., falls, frailty)
Cognitive assessments
Behavioural assessment and support
Dementia support
Chronic condition support (e.g., diabetes)
Allied health referrals
Clinician support for package upgrades

Gold Coast
19 Milton Ave, Paradise Point
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